Italy’s Luxury Property Market

Italy's Luxury Property Market

Italy continues to be an ideal destination for those who want to buy a second home abroad.

In particular, the current geopolitical situation and the perception of reduced security in some competing countries such as Turkey, Greece and France may be among the factors influencing the increase in the number of requests for Italian real estate. As can be seen from the data below, current demand has increased by 55.4%, compared to 2015.

This increase in enquiries is also true for luxury properties over 500 thousand euros, which represent as much as 14.31% of all incoming requests via the portal recording a growth rate of 61.8%.

The British are leading the way amongst the nationalities which are most interested in buying a second home in Italy and are a constant presence in the property report and are placed in the highest positions, even in the ranking of those buying valuable properties. Germany (14.13%) and the United States (12.47%) open the top ten for the greatest demand for high-end properties. The UK is in third place with 10.57% of the requests, followed by Switzerland (9.71%) and France (8.11%). Close behind are Belgium (6.14%), the Netherlands (5.59%), Sweden (2.21%), Canada (1.54%) and Australia (1.17%).

By focusing exclusively on properties with a value above one million Euro, the United Kingdom dropped down to fourth place, while remaining anchored in the top five in this particular area.
One of the characteristics of the Italian market which is most appreciated by the British is the chance to find in every corner of the peninsula all those ancient traditions, landscapes and craft culture you can only find in the “bel paese”, the so-called “made in Italy”. International buyers looking for a second home in the country want to integrate with the local population and tend to distribute evenly over the country, which is why in Italy, unlike other European countries such as Spain, there are no areas occupied solely by a particular nationality. The British fully embody this spirit, but it is nevertheless possible to identify the most desirable regions: Tuscany is undoubtedly the most coveted region and takes up 28,01% of the total enquiries. Liguria and Lombardy also arouse great interest, with incoming demand at 14.31% and 14.19% respectively on

Following them is Puglia (8.17%), the region in which the British are among the most committed promoters, Sardinia (7.31%), Sicily (4.48%), Lazio (3.75%), Piedmont (3.69%), le Marche (3.50%), and Umbria (3.26%).
And if you focus in detail on geographical area, the five most popular cities are aligned with the ranking of preference and are linked to these regions: the first is Ostuni in Puglia, the second is Sanremo in Liguria, Rome in Lazio is in third place, fourth is Montepulciano in Tuscany and the fifth is Bordighera, also in Liguria.

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