The Lakes by Yoo, Cotswolds, UK

The Lakes by Yoo, Cotswolds, UK

Own or Rent An Idyllic Cotswolds Retreat

The Lakes by Yoo, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire (UK) – where you can design and build your own dream home.

Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, just 90 minutes from London, The Lakes is a rural luxury estate spread across 850 acres of freshwater lakes, meadows and woodland in the Gloucestershire countryside. Our spaces are created for those seeking a family-friendly community and luxury sanctuary with a unique connection to nature.

The Lakes is a lifestyle. A place for families, friends and colleagues to come together, with outdoor activities, a spa and acres of green to rest, relax and recharge in. Host your dream corporate event, celebrate a special occasion and make countless memories in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Your idyllic retreat awaits you.

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Own a Home

Plan, build and invest in your future home away from home at The Lakes, with renowned design and sustainable living in a safe and serene family setting in the Cotswolds.

Homes are designed in a bespoke manner to suit the needs and likes of every owner’s family. Houses have to adhere to sustainability standards and there are nine base designs to choose from that are at the core of each house.

Once a plot has been selected the in-house architect will work with the owner to create their dream home, whilst championing sustainable building at the same time.

Lakes by Yoo Cabin

House frames are made of stress-graded timber and clad in high-quality Russian larch, house foundations are steel-reinforced. As a result, all homes meet very high standards of energy efficiency and the exteriors are simple to maintain.

Most homes range from 1300 – 7000 sq feet however, all homes are customised according to the buyer’s needs and wishes. Residents at the Lakes by Yoo have added a wealth of individual innovations and features to their properties, from sustainable technologies to private lakes and rooftop pools. Bespoke design is championed at the Lakes to make sure each owner can create their dream home.

Furthermore, maintenance doesn’t need to be a worry of the homeowner, as the Lakes by Yoo offers a full concierge service that not only helps residents to quickly feel at home – the team also looks after everything from child-care, housekeeping and professional chefs to home maintenance.

An array of onsite activities, available for owners and their families make sure there is always plenty going on. The Lakes by Yoo offer a kids club, food options, private chefs as well as outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing and canoeing – and of course, it’s possible to swim in all of the 10 freshwater lakes on the estate.

The vast spaces are perfect for long walks and bike rides and there is also a spa offering a wide range of treatments and an indoor pool/sauna/steam room for owners and their families to use. The Lakes by Yoo is the perfect place to build your bespoke, design-led family (second) home close to London.

The Lakes by Yoo, Cotswolds, UK
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